Programs & Offers

At Montimerso we value the timeless enjoyment of nature that surrounds us and that is why we create programs and offers to provide you with a memorable experience

Last Week 2020

There's nothing quite like the dawn in Alentejo, with the sound of nature and the smell of fresh bread. We invite you to spend the last week of 2020, calmly and slowly enjoying and authentic montado.  

5 nights in suite or premium suite for the value of 4, including breakfast and yoga class in the last day of the year. Valid for reservations in the period of 26th to 31st of December. 

New Years in Montimerso

Join us for the goodbye fo the year 2020, in a quiet night under a starry sky. At midnight, we'll meet by the firepit and celebrate with a glass of sparkling wine. And, on the 1st, we'll start the year with our "hands in the earth", planting a tree and wishes for 2021.

New Years' night in suite (or premium suite) with breakfast included, as well as dinner on the 31st and access to activities. Prices starting at 310€