Beyond Montimerso's Border

This is Alentejo in its most rural version of carefully cultivated and sunlit fields with vineyards, holly and olive groves. Roads connect the farming communities and along the way they pass castles like Monsaraz. Made from limestone and schist, a medieval village located in the interior of Alentejo. The view that stretches over miles and miles lets us guess the ancient route of the Guadiana River and all the charms we can discover in this territory.


On a hill in Alentejo, a medieval village right next to the Guadiana River. This village tells us the achievements that passed through there, the wars lived and the religious influences that it had.

    Distance: 7.8km | 4.8 mi

Reguengos de Monsaraz

In the middle of the Alentejo hills and lands, a city known for its excellent local wines and gastronomy


                                                                             Distance: 10.7km | 6.6 mi

Monsaraz River Beach

In Alqueva, on the edge of the Guadiana River and with a typical Alentejo view


  Distance: 10.2km | 6.3 mi

DarkSky® Alqueva

Explore the first Starlight Tourism Destination of the World.


                                                                            Distance: 16.9km | 10,5 mi

Homesteads & Wineries

In the heart of Alentejo, wine has a unique flavor. Discover the wineries  in this region



 Xarez's Cromlech

Built between the 3rd and 4th millennium b.C. , a megalithic monument made up of 55 carved menhirs


                                                                     Distance: 7.4km | 4.6 mi

Alqueva Riverside Villages

There are 16 riversides along the banks of the Alqueva, full of details and stories



An Alentejo village near the Guadiana River, surrounded by olive trees and historical details.

                                                                     Distance: 7.4km | 4.6 mi

São Pedro Corval

The land of pottery, where Alentejo's pottery is an ancient tradition that remains here


Distance: 9.6km | 6 mi


With an immense history, since the conquest of the Romans, the streets of Évora tell the unique secrets of the people who passed there

                                                                Distance: 49km | 30.45 mi

Noudar Nature Park


This natural park near Alqueva Lake promotes territory conservation providing, through is pedestrian trails, an unique experience of calm and conection with Nature.

Distance: 67.1Km | 41 mi


In the Alto Alentejo, Europe's largest fortified city and World Heritage Site


Distance: 88.6km | 55 mi

Alentejo Coast Beaches

150km of unique beaches in the Southwest Alentejo and Vicentine Coast Natural Park

                                                                    Distance: 176km | 109 mi


The capital of the country, the city of light just in front of the Tejo River and with so much history and details to discover


Distance: 181km | 112 mi