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"Perfect Walk" Boat Ride

Montimerso provides a unique view of the largest artificial lake in Europe and its impact on the landscape, by taking you on a private tour on our “Perfect Walk” boat equipped and prepared to give to you memorable moments (on request).


Balloon Ride



See from the sky the extensive view of the open plains and relief of the Alentejo landscape and the Great Lake. Another way to know the region (on request).

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Wine Tastings


Discover the whole process of wine making, from the vine tasting of these nectars of the gods in what is one of the richest wine areas in the country (on request).


Guided Visit to Monsaraz



Discover the nooks and crannies of this small medieval village, through the streets in the castle and overlooking the Alqueva. Take the opportunity to learn not only about local crafts and products, but also some of the history of the area (on request).


Boat Trip

Take a boat trip on Lake Alqueva, by speedboat or sailboat, sailing while enjoying the views of the Alentejo landscape (on request). The departure is at Monsaraz beach.

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Horse Riding



Horseback ridding experience along the Alqueva Lake, inside and outside of the water. This
experience ends with a tasting of some local delicacies (on request).


Visit to an Olive Oil Mill



Along with wine, olive oil is part of Alentejo culture and the Mediterranean diet. Come and discover the olive oil production process and get to know a modern and innovative mill (on request).


Guided Visit to Évora



World Heritage, the city of Évora tells historical secrets and has the best restaurants to taste the Alentejo gastronomy (on request).

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Recreational fishing in Alqueva

A recreational fishing experience (where what is caught is returned to nature), in which you will have the opportunity to get to know the lake and its species with a local guide.




We are located in the Darksky® Alqueva Reserve, the first Starlight Tourism Destination in the World, with ideal conditions for stargazing. Schedule a visit to the observatories and get to know our sky better (on request).

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Pottery Workshop



Be a craftsman with us! There is nothing more liberating and relaxing than making art with your own hands (on request).

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Visit to the Megaliths



The richness of the area in Megalithic monuments allows you to make a route to know various places and understand why the Alentejo was chosen for the construction of these monuments by the ancient peoples (on request).

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