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Pet Friendly Space

At Montimerso, animals are always welcome!

So that you don't have to take a second away from your friend, please read carefully our list of conditions and recommendations designed to keep both human and animal clients happy!



Pets that meet and respect conditions of hygiene and civility will be admitted, and must be properly vaccinated, with a chip and accompanied by their documentation. As a matter of logistics and comfort for all guests, we limit the occupancy of pets, with only one animal per room and where their weight does not exceed a maximum of 20kg. The room guarantees the best conditions for hosting them, including everything the animal will need to feel at home.

Fees and Liability

At check out you will be charged a fee of 25€ per day and per pet as well as the signature of a liability agreement. Any damage caused to other guests, the accommodation, its staff and the property will be the full responsibility of their owners. It will also be requested the presentation of a liability insurance or the payment of a deposit of 150€ in case damages are detected by our Housekeeper after the check out.

Accesses and Circulation Areas

Pets are welcome in the outdoor areas and terraces, always accompanied by the owner, and must always circulate on a leash. The circulation or permanence of pets is prohibited in the restaurant area, swimming pool and other closed public areas.


Stay in the Rooms

We recommend that pets do not stay in the rooms for long periods, being requested that they don't remain alone in the rooms after 9 pm and that it does not last more than 2 hours.

When booking your stay, please inform us that you are bringing a four-legged friend so that everything is prepared on your arrival.


Get to know our dogs!

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