Programs & Offers

At Montimerso we value the timeless enjoyment of nature that surrounds us and that is why we create programs and offers to provide you with a memorable experience

November 1st holiday

It's the perfect time to pack your bags and enjoy these autumn days, when the late afternoon heat is joined by cold nights around the fireplace, tasting roasted acorns.

3 nights in a suite & offer of a Chef's Suggestion Dinner for two (drinks not included).


November and December holidays (4=3)

Monsaraz has a unique magic in this Christmas season, when the nativity scene runs through the stone and lime streets of the village. Come spend a few days with us and discover a unique Alentejo in this very special season!

When booking 3 nights in a suite, we offer the fourth night. Valid from 11/27 to 12/12 of 2021

2 getaway

(adults only)

This is the perfect season for a couple of days to date, read, relax… A toast to love!

Two nights in a suite, breakfast & a daily chef’s suggestion dinner dinner for two 


Enjoying Time Lapse

Enjoy time on a long stay, where bike rides are endless and dives in the pool with a gin & tonic are part of the sunset.

When booking 6 nights, in a  premium suite or suite, we offer the seventh night

Taste Time Lapse

A Montimerso Experience, where time is endless, and the memories that remain as well. Stay five nights with us and enjoy a daily chef's suggestion dinner typically from Alentejo

5 nights in a suite or premium suite & offer a Montimerso Gourmet Dinner for two (drinks not included).



Give an experience, a unique memory full of surprises. In Montimerso, where the stars are countless and the day does not end, personalize your voucher and create memories.


Valid for 2 years.