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Project title | Montimerso – Development of a tourism enterprise in rural areas

Project code | ALT20-01-0853-FEDER-028191

Main objective | OT 3 - Strengthening the competitiveness of small and medium-sized companies 

Intervention Region | Alentejo

Beneficiary | Perfect Walk Lda

Approval date | 02-02-2018

Beginning date | 01-05-2018

Date of conclusion | 29-04-2020

Total eligible cost | 1.600.182,55 Euros

European Union financial support | 1.120.127,79 Euros

Objectives, activities and expected results


Development of a rural tourism with accommodation, catering and entertainment activities and contact with Nature.

- Bet on a segment that seeks exclusivity in a genuine and authentic environment.

- Bet on environmental sustainability and boost the local economy.

- Bet on internationalization and contribute to the dynamism of the destination Alqueva / Alentejo interior

- Bet on technology that enhances the relationship and contact with the customer as well as the rational use of resources.

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