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Terms & Conditions

These Terms & Conditions apply to any and all Contracts made by Perfect Walk Lda (Montimerso SkyScape Country House's managing entity) and its Customers and apply to all bookings, accommodation arrangements, restaurants, function room rentals and use of all Montimerso services.


Check In / Check Out

You may check in from 4 pm. To ensure you can check in at an hour prior to this time, you must book the night before. However, if rooms are available upon arrival, early check-in is possible. You can also leave your luggage to be stored free of charge.

If you need to check in after 9 pm you can pre-check in and receive a digital electronic key on your mobile device to access Montimerso. Subsequently the Montimerso team will host in person.

You must check out by 12 am. If you wish to retain your room after 12 am, please contact the Montimerso team. This service is subject to availability and the following additional charges will apply: 50% of the room price for check-out by 6 pm; the total price of the room after 6 pm.


Change Reservations and Cancellations

To change or cancel a reservation, please contact the Montimerso SkyScape Country House team via +351 961 634 787, via +351 266557083 or via email

In case of no show (no show), 100% of the reservation amount will be charged; for cancellations that occur between  14 days and the day before check-in date, the first night will be charged; the customer can cancel free of charge up to 15 days before the check-in date. Cancellations of non-refundable rates will be charged at 100%. Cancellation of Programs or Special Offers will be charged according to the specific rules defined on a case-by-case basis.

Any cancellation must be requested via email

You can cancel or change your reservation for Montimerso SkyScape Country House team activities free of charge up to 4 hours before the activity starts. If you cancel your reservation after this time, you will be charged the full amount of the booked activity. Any cancellation must be requested from the Montimerso SkyScape Country House team or via email

To cancel or change activities provided by suppliers outside our Montimerso SkyScape Country House team, you should consider that the cancellation policy will be that provided by the supplier of the activity itself. Please inquire with the Montimerso team or via email


Accommodation & Services

Smoking is allowed in outdoor areas only. We ask you to comply with this rule not only because it is a legal imposition in Portugal but also for health and hygiene reasons.

It is Montimerso SkyScape Country House's policy not to have extra beds due to the unique characteristics of the accommodation. However, in the case of children up to 12 years old, we can exceptionally place an extra bed in our premium suites at an additional cost of €75/night. This value includes the service associated with an additional person in the suite and the respective breakfast. Additionally, we provide cribs free of charge for children up to 2 years old, who can stay in the same room as their parents (options available upon prior request and consultation with Montimerso SkyScape Country House).

As a venture located within a homestead, it's our pleasure to welcome your four-legged friends. However, for all our guests to enjoy a peaceful environment, Montimerso SkyScape Country House accepts only one pet per accommodation, considering that the weight does not exceed 20 kg and is not on the list of potentially dangerous breeds defined by Port.n.º 422/2004, of April 24th. We charge a surcharge of € 25 per dar and per day. We do so for hygiene reasons. See the list of conditions and recommendations on our website: Contact us if you wish to bring your pet with you.

In case of loss of the electronic key, we ask you to report the situation to the Montimerso SkyScape Country House team so that it can be locked and replaced. Always remember to hand over the key at checkout.

If you don't want to worry, choose to request a digital electronic key for your mobile device.



When making a reservation at SkyScape Restaurant, the Customer must have the legal capacity to do so and accept financial responsibility for all transactions made under their name. The Customer will make sure that all information provided by them will be true and accurate. If you are not staying at Montimerso, when making a reservation at our restaurant you are required to pay the restaurant after the meal.

If you wish to change your reservation details, the request must be made at least 12 hours in advance and subject to availability. The Restaurant will confirm with the Customer whether or not it is possible to accommodate the requested change.

To cancel the reservation at the restaurant, the customer will contact the Montimerso SkyScape Country House team 24 hours in advance to avoid any charges.



Montimerso SkyScape Country House has an outdoor pool overlooking the Alqueva and away from the accommodation to allow more privacy and tranquility. Please note that the pool is not watched or heated and is monitored and treated daily with products suitable for maintaining pH, temperature and transparency.

So everyone can make the most of this pool:

- diving or jumping is prohibited

- the use of inflatable mattresses, buoys and balls is prohibited

- it is not possible to reserve and occupy sunbeds, chairs or puffs with personal items during extended absences

- bicycles and pets are not allowed throughout the pool area

- for safety reasons, pool glass is not allowed

- we advise you to protect yourself from sun and heat exposure and do not suddenly enter the water after long periods of sun exposure.

- Montimerso SkyScape Country House is not responsible for any accident that occurs in these areas.


Insurance and Disclaimer

Montimerso SkyScape Country House has a Personal Accident Insurance and also a Liability Insurance inherent to the Hotel exploration, which safeguard the situations required by law. However, you are required to sign a liability waiver for certain activities, thereby agreeing to the compulsory use of safety equipment and acknowledging that participating in such activities results from your own voluntary act. This means that, in addition to what is required by law, the responsibility for participating in such activities is the sole responsibility of the usufructuary or the person legally responsible for it.


Special Events and Dates

For special events held at Montimerso SkyScape Country House, including special dates, a full prepayment will be required to confirm Customer's booking. Montimerso SkyScape Country House will contact the Customer requesting payment authorization.


Surrounding Area Protection

In view of Montimerso SkyScape Country House's setting in a protected area of a tradicional Montado and part of the DarkSky Alqueva Reserve, we urge you to avoid any behavior that could endanger this heritage.

- Put out your cigarette in its proper containers and make sure it has gone out.

- Put the trash in the proper containers.

- Avoid having exterior lights on when not needed.



The Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties (Perfect Walk and Customer), supersedes any prior agreement or understanding, and may not be changed except in writing between the parties. All other terms, express or implied in the statutes or otherwise, are excluded to the extent permitted by law. No failure or delay by either party to exercise its rights under the Agreement will be deemed a waiver of that right, and no waiver by either party regarding any breach of the Agreement by the other party will be deemed to be a waiver. any subsequent breach thereof or other provision. The Agreement applies to Portuguese law and the parties agree to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Portuguese courts.

Rates: The rates of all the services provided by Perfect Walk are communicated in writing or verbally on the different media where they are available. Perfect Walk reserves the right to later correct the rate invoiced in the event of an error.

Provisional Reservation and Confirmation of Reservations: If Perfect Walk confirms the reservation, the Agreement will be conditioned upon the provision of Customer's credit card details and the authorization to deduct expenses (including cancellation fees). If credit card details and payment authorization are not given to Perfect Walk by Customer, then subject to charges due to Perfect Walk, the Agreement will cease to have effect. Services subject to the provisional reservation will be released for resale without obligation to notify Customer.

Provision of services: Perfect Walk will provide the Client with the services object of the Contract. Customer, for its part, will provide Perfect Walk with all necessary data or other service-related information within the time frame required by Perfect Walk to enable it to provide services under the Agreement. Customer will ensure the accuracy of all information. Perfect Walk may, at any time and without notifying the customer, make any changes to services that are necessary to comply with any safety or other statutory requirements, or that do not significantly affect the nature or quality of the services.

Fees: Fees payable by Customer will be specified in writing by Perfect Walk. If there are any unspecified fees or if additional and varied services are provided to Customer, Customer will pay the default at the rate in effect on the day the services are provided and any additional amounts agreed between Perfect Walk and Customer to provide the services. services. Perfect Walk may vary from the usual rates periodically. All charges mentioned to Customer for the provision of food and beverage services have included Value Added Tax at the applicable rate on the day of payment of the charge, unless otherwise stated.

Payments: Payments to Perfect Walk to be made by Customer (including deposits) will be made on the date (s) and amounts determined. If any services under the Agreement are changed prior to arrival, the payment made will reflect these changes to the services described by Perfect Walk. Any additional charges for services due to Perfect Walk by Customer will be paid by Customer upon presentation of an invoice. For accommodation bookings made at the advance purchase rate, full payment will be charged at the time of booking. This payment is not refundable in the event of any change or cancellation. Cash payment is not accepted for unreserved customers - a valid credit or debit card will have to pass the chip and pin machine and the relevant authorization must be given. All charges will be settled before Customer leaves Montimerso. It is assumed that the Customer authorizes the settlement of all outstanding charges, which may be processed by Montimerso SkyScape Country House through payment by credit or debit card, as per the data contained in the records.

Group / Event or "no show" cancellation fees: Customer agrees to pay Perfect Walk fees in the event of cancellation of services or if Customer and / or its guests fail to appear to provide services on the date and time specified in Perfect Walk will provide Customer with a cancellation number in the event that Customer makes a cancellation, which number will be used in any future dealings with Perfect Walk.

Change of Required Services: Any changes in numbers, accommodation, and food and beverage requirements required for the Services, as well as any other changes or sums, will be agreed upon by Customer and Perfect Walk in writing.

Montimerso SkyScape Country House Liability: When Perfect Walk provides Services that include any Services provided by third parties, Perfect Walk will not be liable for giving any warranty or other liability as to its quality, fitness for purpose or otherwise, but should, whenever provide the Customer with the benefits provided by any warranty or indemnity provided by the service provider to Perfect Walk. Perfect Walk shall have no liability to Customer for any loss, damage, costs, expenses or other claims arising out of any instructions provided by Customer that prove to be incomplete, incorrect, inaccurate, illegible, out of sequence or in the wrong form. , or resulting from your late arrival or non-arrival, or any other failure by you. Except in the event of death or personal injury caused by Perfect Walk's negligence, or as expressly provided in these Terms, Perfect Walk shall not be liable to Customer for any representation (unless fraudulent) or any implied warranty, condition or otherwise. terms, or any obligation under common law, or under the Terms set forth in the Agreement, for any loss of profit or other indirect, special or consequential, damages, costs, expenses or other claims (even if caused by Perfect Walk's negligence, employees or agents or others) arising out of or in connection with the provision of the services (including any delay in the provision of the services or inability to provide them) or their use by the Customer, and Perfect's entire responsibility Walk, under the terms of the Agreement, will not exceed Perfect Walk's charges for the provision of expressly provided in these Terms.

Termination: Perfect Walk may at any time terminate the Agreement by giving written notice to Customer if Customer commits any breach of these Terms, or if Customer liquidates, goes bankrupt, makes a voluntary agreement with its creditors or has appointed a consignee or administrator.

Customer Responsibilities: The arrival and departure times for accommodation in Montimerso SkyScape Country House are, respectively, 4 pm and 12 am. The Customer is responsible for their behavior and that of their guests at Montimerso and, in particular, for the orderly conduct of guests attending any event or staying at Montimerso SkyScape Country House, as well as any other form of use they make of the services. The Customer will ensure that no noise or disturbance will be caused to Montimerso or its other guests and customers. Customer will agree to any reasonable request by Montimerso SkyScape Country House and Perfect Walk's policies regarding the application of its services, which may change from time to time. If a Montimerso guest wishes any item to be received or supported before arrival or after departure, he / she must notify Montimerso in advance. Montimerso reserves the right to deny receipt of such items. Any costs incurred regarding the return will be borne by the sender. All items will be left to their owner's responsibility and may be subject to review. Please note that in the event that any item is closed or sealed, it is the responsibility of the owner to facilitate access to it. Perfect Walk is not responsible for any flooding, fire or damage to items. Smoking is allowed in outdoor areas only. All guests arriving without reservation or booking on the same day will provide photographic identification upon arrival, regardless of their nationality.

Liability for the use of the room or house, safe and expenses to be settled: The Client understands that his / her signature on the registration card constitutes an authorization to use the registered credit card for payment of his present and future stays. This does not hold you responsible for the account presented at the time of stay. The Customer further accepts to be personally liable in the event of non-payment of all or part of these expenses by the indicated person, company or third party. Montimerso is not responsible for money, jewelry or other valuables that may have been lost, stolen or left in public areas, general access areas and private vehicles. Under hotel law, the use of the room safe does not imply any liability for Montimerso SkyScape Country House.

CCTV: Montimerso SkyScape Country House public areas and some service areas, video surveillance (CCTV) will be active and video recordings may be made. This activity is performed for safety and service reasons, for a better management of Montimerso SkyScape Country House and safety of all its customers and employees.

Photography and filming: All photographs or filming for commercial purposes will be authorized by a member of Montimerso SkyScape Country House's executive team. No photography or filming may take place in any area of ​​Montimerso SkyScape Country House under any circumstances without the representative assigned by Montimerso SkyScape Country House himself. Montimerso SkyScape Country House employees and uniforms, even partially, will not be photographed or filmed and no functions performed by the team will be performed for photography or filming purposes. Use of Montimerso SkyScape Country House's name, trade photographs, Montimerso SkyScape Country House images and Montimerso SkyScape Country House logo, including registered trademarks or trade names, requires Montimerso SkyScape Country House's prior written consent. Montimerso SkyScape Country House will take appropriate legal action to prevent any unauthorized abuse or use of the items listed above.

Intellectual Property Rights: All information, data and materials presented on this website, including names, logos, content, etc., as well as the website's color palette and layout, are subject to copyright, trademark, copyright. and / or other intellectual property rights. Such content may only be used if authorized by Montimerso SkyScape Country House and if used strictly for personal, non-commercial purposes. Any other use and / or reproduction of these contents without Montimerso SkyScape Country House's prior written consent is prohibited and constitutes a violation of these Terms and may infringe Montimerso SkyScape Country House's intellectual property rights.

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