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Montimerso SkyScape CountryHouse

Wellness Dome


Located in the Monsaraz Wing and integrated into our "Montado de Azinho", the Wellness Dome has deepened the relaxation experience we offer our guests.

We chose a geodesic geometry because this geometry creates spaces where energy flows, serenity settles in and creativity emerges.

Inside the Dome we have a sauna, a mini-pool with aromatherapy, chromotherapy and hydromassage, a shower with a hydromassage column, a relaxation area overlooking the cork oak forest and an area for treatments and massages with our therapists.

This is also a space for activities that seek healthy integration between body and mind, such as yoga and meditation.


To deepen the relaxing experience we offer you, you may book a yoga session or a massage during your stay.

It should also be noted that use of the Wellness Dome is exclusive and by appointment, making it the perfect place to slow down, enjoy and contemplate in communion with nature, alone or as a couple.


TimeScape Pool

At one of the highest points of our estate we have our TimeScape pool, an infinity pool that merges with nature. With an unmissable view of the Alqueva, this is the perfect place to relax and soak up the surrounding countryside, while enjoying a drink from our bar!

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At Montimerso, our
massage programmes combine relaxing massage techniques, essential oils and natural
and natural products with the calm and serene atmosphere of our spaces.

In your suite or in our Welness Dome, a massage will help to restore balance to your body and mind, to
relax, relieve tension and promote restful sleep.



At Montimerso SkyScape Countryhouse you always have our bicycles at your disposal.  So that you can ride around the estate and enjoy, at your leisure, our trails prepared to take you from one end of the estate to the other and even to the Alqueva!

Byke Friendly




One of the most popular experiences at Montimerso SkyScape Countryhouse! Enjoy a picnic, prepared by us with local produce, immersed in nature while enjoying the calm and silence of the surroundings!


Our Trails

Discover all that the Alentejo montado has to offer with our trails throughout the estate. From the Alqueva to the typical Alentejo landscape, including the perfect place to watch the sunset, you'll love travelling these beautiful paths on foot or by bike! You can also enjoy our observation structures, Elenor and Landscape.


Ethnobotanical Trails

Ideal for nature fans! On these trails you can learn more about the variety of plants present on our estate, or travel to its surroundings to observe the different species of birds and their habitats that live here. Finally, you can also take a nature photography workshop (on request).

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We've chosen an ideal spot in our cork oak forest so that you can enjoy the starry sky like you've never seen it before...

Take the opportunity to take a look at our guide to astronomical observations!

Once a month, we receive a visit from an astrophysicist to help us on this journey!

Stargazing Guide

Astronomy Sessions Dates

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LoveScape Dinner

A different kind of dinner, designed for you to enjoy the company of a special person, with local produce and in a private setting under the starry sky of our Alentejo cork oak forest, ideal for creating memories and sharing experiences!

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Summer Calendar

At Montimerso Skyscape Countryhouse we have daily activities designed especially for you!

From pottery workshops, to walks along the estate's trails, to stargazing session...

Share moments, silences, laughter and memories.

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