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COVID-19 Contingency Measures


We are green. We are in the middle of Alentejo, in a 55ha Estate with a memorable and unique horizon. We are refugees from the unrest of a city, integrated in this unique reality, of calm and timelessness.

At Montimerso SkyScape CountryHouse we offer a minimalist architecture and decoration, characteristics that help in  the cleaning and desinfection of the space. The location (inserted in a 55ha Estate in Alentejo) and the architecture (each room has an a private entrance, as well as a private outdoor area) naturally facilitate the distance without compromising the need for horizons that we have at this stage. The suites have a private patio, with outdoor furniture, and the premium suites also include a private pool in this outdoor space.

To access all Montimerso areas, including the suites, premium suites and apartments, there's a Mobile Key option available, allowing the guest to have a personalized unique key in their smartphone, reducing the potencial cross-contact of guests. The common areas will remain accessible, as they allow guests to coexist simultaneously while respecting the social security distance.

According to the latest government measures (January 2021), the Skyscape Restaurant assures the preparation of every meal (breakfast, lunch and "chef's suggestion" dinner.

The Montimerso team is properly trained according to the internal protocol related to the outbreak of COVID-19, which complies with the recommendations of the Clean & Safe Seal of Turismo de Portugal. The team is protected with personal protective equipment, complying with the basic precautions for prevention and control infection.

Montimerso provides dispensers of antiseptic alcohol-based solutions near the entry / exit points, as well as the entrance to the restaurant and common sanitary facilities. Additionally, the guests have, in the reception, a kit with hand-sanitizer and masks that can be requested at any time during the stay. 

The Montimerso Housekeeping team will regularly clean and disinfect the common areas, with special attention to the door handles, switches, controls, dispensers and side tables.

Small is Beautiful, Small is Safer. Stay @ Montimerso


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