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Sustainability in Montimerso

We want the path that connects people to Montimerso to be green. That is why, since the beginning of our project, we have been concerned with:

Not changing what nature has built and adapt to the local environmental reality.


Promote initiatives and partnerships that involve the participation and regional integration of goods and services, believing it to be the best way to get to know (and make known) local customs and traditions and to value the communities that surround us.

Protect and enhance the ecosystem of the montado, creating an agricultural and forestry project that involves the team and the local community.


Here the rainwater is used to irrigate the nature around us. We will also seek to reduce our ecological footprint on a daily basis by selecting the most eco-friendly options.

Reduce light pollution, both because we are in the DarkSky®Alqueva reserve, but also because of the respect for the biodiversity that surrounds us.


Sustainability is a commitment and for this reason, Montimerso was built step by step with this concern, from the materials used, to the construction of the building itself, designed with energy efficiency in mind and with a careful selection of all our equipment.

We are guided by the principles of sustainability and waste reduction when it comes to planing and preparing our meals. Therefore, we believe in giving out the most satisfaction to our guests, always having in mind the respect for the natural resources that our planet has to offer.

But sustainability does not end here. We tried to enhance the best place that this unique place had to offer.

The views over Alqueva and the setting with Monsaraz, stood out and guided the entire intervention, always preserving the magnificent existing montado. Geralda, one of our trees, is the reference point of our estate - with the same name - and the symbol of our sustainability.

We got involved with the community and gave priority to good relations with the locals. Our team is mostly from Alentejo, from reception to suppliers, knowledgeable of the region, local experiences and customs.

External activities are designed with companies in the region to ensure tradition and authenticity in all our steps. And not only do we believe that local products tell a lot more history and have a lot more flavour, we also believe that we have a duty to make them grow with us - our partners and suppliers are as much as possible local, or even national.

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