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Montimerso SkyScape CountryHouse


The holm oak smells of warm earth even on cold nights. Covered by a blanket of stars, we are in the Darksky® Alqueva Reserve - the first UNESCO-certified starlight tourism destination in the world. The whitewashed walls, an ode to Alentejo’s original housing, are combined with Montimerso’s own modern, minimalist character. The natural colors and textures enhance the nature that soon had us falling in love. With a warm service, we cherish our guests with details that make them want to return. 


Integrated in the territory


With Alqueva spreading for miles, immersed and submerged in nature and the immense sky, you’ll find yourself in the midst of water and pure land that value the local spirit. This is the place we chose to build this charming hotel. 

In Montimerso, stories are deepened within wine glasses and breakfast is prepared for you to enjoy for hours. Alqueva’s walks are ours, moments of contemplation and serenity, combined with the water and fauna’s musicality. We invite you to experience this slow, comfortable and modest life in our Alentejo retreat. 

Sustainability, for real

At Montimerso our soul is green and nature lover. 

We make sure that we are a part of the local community. 

We aim to promote practices that protect our environment and ecosystem with our guests, employees and partners.

Our building was designed with energy efficiency and water consumption in mind and we invest in the production of self-consumption electricity and the use of rainwater for irrigation.

We call for a reduction in light pollution, not only to respect biodiversity but mainly since we’re proudly inserted in the Darksky® Alqueva reserve. 



Everything was great. It far exceeded our expectations! We hope to come back to enjoy this paradise again… 

Arthur and Miguel, August 2021

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